About Us

Gamerhug is a free online dating site for gamers worldwide. At Gamerhug we know your game is your first love, and how it can be hard to find true love as a result of your commitment and love for gaming. This is why we are always ready to link and match you with the perfect game partner, one who can also be your someone in-game.

Gamerhug was made for girl gamers and guy gamers. This is a dating for gamers platform that provides game enthusiast an opportunity to find love. We are a community of adult game lovers who are looking to find real love. Not only do we love games, but we will also like that we share our life with game aficionados like us.

This is a free online dating for gamers that was developed based on the request of games for a platform where they are able to find love. We know that gamers deserve happiness, however, there is more to playing games in certain situations. The desire for love remains the longest and sweetest victory of all. This is why we are more concerned about bringing boy gamers and girl games, who share the same love for the game, together.

What We Do

Gamerhug is an online dating community developed specifically to help gamers expand their gaming network. Gamerhug is more than just dating, offering members an opportunity to share their passion for games. Numerous individuals cherish playing games and realize that it is far beyond a leisure activity - particularly at Gamerhug. Our girl gamers and guy gamers understand this is a lifestyle. Since this game assumes such a substantial part of their lives, it is fundamental to seek for an accomplice who understands the desire for gaming, as well as shares it.

Let both your enthusiasm for playing games be the beginning stage in your relationship. Give it a chance to serve as an introduction between both of you. At that point, the two of you can start something lovely and fulfilling. The idea of this site is to match various individuals with a desire for playing games. Game partners venture to every part of the nation together, or even the world, going to the immense places and appreciating life as they play games and explore together. Whether you are keen on an online relationship until further notice or you feel prepared to meet your life "game partner," you will discover the greater part of that and more on our website. This is what makes us the best dating site for games.

What You Can Do on Gamerhug

Check out what you can do on Gamerhug

Gamerhug has a broad rundown of gamers updated profiles and pictures; consider making a profile for free and composing a couple of things introducing yourself to other game enthusiasts like you. After a short time, you will have an extensive variety of potential online friends and partners whom you can chat with, and discover common points of interest, starting with various games and leading to who knows where. The odds of meeting such a gamer are so much more prominent online than if left to risk on the outside world or game cafe, where you are likely to be more concerned about winning your round of a game.

Along these lines, go along with us today and you are offered a spectacular opportunity of meeting a potential love and game partner! Users are allowed to send messages, and rate profiles, as you go about in search of the perfect girl gamers or guy gamers, they will like to mingle with. Users of this dating site for gamers are also allowed to upload profile pictures to give their suitors an idea of how the person they plan on meeting online looks like. As a way of making it easy to find the ideal partner, users can write about their ideal partner. Once you browse thought the person’s profile, you already know if you are their type or not. This online dating for gamers also gives you an opportunity to search for other girl gamers or guy gamers throughout the world who are registered users of the site as you aim at finding the right game partner for you.

Our Network and Database

Gamerhug has a gigantic database of single girl gamers and boy gamers that are joining and exploiting our extraordinary dating services every single day of the year from all parts of the world. This online dating platform is a global online dating community with a large number of individuals from different ethnic background over the world who are also a lover of the various games.

After discovering somebody you hit it off with, take them out to a nice place in your general vicinity and appreciate their company and likewise the competition. Be tested by their level of playing games and have a great time in dating them also. Gamerhug has an extensive range of updated profiles and pictures of various game lovers. You will have an extensive variety of potential online friends and partners whom you can chat with, and discover common points of interest, starting with gaming and leading to who knows where.

We Frown At Cat Fishing

However, we do not allow cat fishing on Gamerhug. We have a security feature that is capable of detecting when anyone creates fake profiles with the aim of tricking other gamers into thinking they are someone else. We are against people who concoct deceptive life stories as well as those who make use of profile fixtures of unsuspecting victims so as to create fake identities. We are totally against this. This is why we have a security feature that is dedicated to eliminating any form of cat fishing. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Gamerhug is part of the online dating community which is dedicated to game lovers. As a member of Gamerhug, your profile will automatically be displayed on the game site for other game lovers like you to easily reach you. For more information on how this works, kindly visit Gamerhug. This is a unique open door, so consider it. Would you like to settle for somebody who is not your match? On the other hand, would you like to become a member on our website at this moment and get an opportunity to have a considerable measure of fun, as well as discover your perfect match for a potential relationship, friendship or who knows? Whether you are keen on an online relationship until further notice or you will like to meet your life "game partner," Gamerhug creates a platform to make your dreams come true. This is a unique opportunity, so consider it. Join Gamerhug for free and begin the gaming round of your life!